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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are proud to say that 2009 is our 33st year in stainless steel manufacturing products. If you are an existing customer we would like to thank you for your continued business and if you are a potential customer, we would like to welcome you. We pride ourselves on establishing long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with you and all of our customers.
Our company’s leadership serves our customers well with the very best products and our job in building that relationship is to continually supply your needs.

F.A. NAJMMY INDUSTRIES is a world leading, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters of Manicure, Pedicure, Professional Beauty Care Instruments, their related products and all sorts of Scissors.
The company provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end users including professionals, corporations as well as for industrial applications.
We have been supplying our products locally and internationally since 1976 and have built up an extensive infrastructure of management, clients, vendors and production.

The exciting name F.A.NAJMMY INDUSTRIES was founded in 1993. From 20th May, 2006 has moved in (SIE) famous industrial estate of Sialkot which has good infrastructural facilities. Our new factory spread over 20,000 sq/ft. Today Company has many reputable customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.


The firm is family based and partnership concern inherited and managed by:

Mr. Haji Muhammad Sharif (President)
Mr. Muhammad Ishaq (Voice President)
Mr. Muhammad Fiaz (Executive Finance Officer)
Mr. Farzand Ali Najmmy (CEO / Overseas Relations)
Mr. Muhammad Razzaq (Export Manager)
Mr. Altaf Hussain (Executive Marketing)
Mr. Muhammad Riaz (Production Manager)
Mr. Muhammad Ilyas (Purchase Manager)
Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz (Quality Control Manager)

The administration has achieved remarkable success due to their best abilities and hard work
in managing as well as production affairs. The company fully mechanized manufacturing units
manned by highly skilled craftsmen, technicians, research and development work flow.

Farzand Ali Najmmy
Account Department
Export Department
F.A. NAJMMY INDUSTRIES is dedicated to providing full service support to maximize the investment for his customers. Back by the experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality products. F.A. NAJMMY INDUSTRIES can provide valuable knowledge and technology to ensure your investments of venture is a success.
The research and development is the key function of F.A. NAJMMY INDUSTRIES due to the highly professionals, it is possible to materialize the demands of satisfied customers in time manufacturing.
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